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Milk kefir is probably the easiest fermentation with scobys because the single substrate (if possible organic milk, sheep and cow milk are perfect, but goat milk may not be suitable because often treated with a preservative (*1)) can be used straight from the bottle. Yes kombucha too when using fruit juice, but with kefir you don't have to wait two weeks and no needs to worry about molds.

(*1) goat milk has much more minerals that cow or sheep milk, therefore it seems more tasteful for bacteria and got a shorter shell life, so the high probability of the addition of a conservative of some sort that would of course interfere negatively with the scoby. Along these ideas it's very difficult to find some organic goat milk and even cheese in most shops. By the way if we could find some non treated goat milk, the kefir fermentation could be faster, giving a sort of luxury kefir minerally richer.

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