Feeding them What ? :

A great freedom of food is possible with most scobys, for example the kombucha that is mainly known to strive in sweet tea manages very well with almost anything! An amazingly tough scoby indeed! Up to now I tried : red grape juice (works extremely well), apple juice, carrot juice and only for the feat a mixture consisting of 1/4 standard Coca-Cola, 2/4 water, 1/4 red grape juice starter (didn't drink it, but the scoby was just fine).

On the other side water kefir is very fragile, even if red grape juice gives an excellent drink in fact amazingly tasty, grains never multiply inside, but because I don't like to use refined white sugar I tried many other easy mixtures (I didn't want to use dried fruits or egg shells as they seem too variable) and I found that bananas decoction works very well for the grains multiplication, but it's not practical to make (the heating and cooling down factor) while being not tasty, so not really interesting! The other option is carrot juice, in fact the only option for water kefir that works straight from the bottle, but ... bottled carrot juice is already acid for storage so the total acidity is too strong after fermentation! I guess using fresh centrifuged carrot juice would be the solution but I still have to try.

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