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  • 21 Februar 2019 : dear reader, it looks like I won't have enough time to update information often enough on the English side of this website, and because it would be mainly translation from the French articles, it's still possible to follow what's happen here on the French side, especially because images are now more obvious and automatic translations are much more reliable these days. So please use the little "Fr" link at the bottom of the vertical menu or the left side of the horizontal menu, or just click here.
  • 11 Nov. 2015 : here we are, just reached its minimal level for a public introduction and will hopefully level off, thanks to many future amazing publications . Please note that the symmetry between languages is not perfect, because I don't really translate but rather rewrite the new page looking at the ideas of the model. Also external links may be very different, like forum posts are likely to be.

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