Disclaimer and Warning especially when selling scobys, but see also : the Give, Exchange, Sell page, on this page, we can't label our given, exchanged or sold scobys as something that is going to help any health conditions, improve fitness etc... Even if we are convinced it could, because :
  1. Strict regulations concern advertising for health related substances. If not agrreing with these conditions, this site could be declared illegal and shot down, an event I'll prefer to avoid. Therefore even if most of the scoby community believe in positive health effects we sometimes need to be very implicit about them.
  2. Here is a few points explaining why it would be extremely difficult to officially market a scoby production as having health benefits :
    • It should concern a stable consistent well defined product (all micro-organisms present should be mentioned and quantified etc.), and this is definitely not the case with our scoby productions that are always a bit different from day to day.
    • Cohort tests should have been done on volunteers with statistically positive results.
    • The whole process should have been approved by the concerned agency of the country where the substance is distributed.
    • Obviously respecting the above points would be very expensive and to my knowledge has never been done with scobys, mainly because scobys are too versatile for this sort of industrialization and distribution, and also because commercial interests are not appealing enough.
  3. Further on, we don't know exactly what happens inside our scobys, may be a fly did a little swimming and a contamination occurred! Then you can imagine the effect on somebody with a weaken immune system. Personally I think in most cases scobys tend to get rid of foreign microbes that would cause health problem, but we can't be sure and they need time (probably a few batches). Also it's very well possible to get food poisoning with an apparently perfectly fine scoby production (beware of the lids and part that are not full immersed), some pathogenic microbes can fit nicely with the acidity and give some symptoms to who eat them, even if they are surrounded by good bacteria.
  4. Also please refrain telling stories of fantastic recovery after ingesting some scoby production, I am trying to push the eating preparation fun and tasty side and for the appetite of future readers, it does not fit well with diseases. By the way there are web sites specialized on these topics with competent physicians to answer most questions.
An available market :
It would be possible for a company to sell a live scoby production and claiming positive health effects if it was capable to do an instant analyses of the microbial content just before the transaction, for example with a DNA chip, but today these analyses still take hours even days, so will have to wait

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